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Abri co-creates its 22-23 Customer Annual Report

Abri is pleased to publish its 2022-2023 Customer Annual Report, which has been co-created with its customers.

Everyone has the right to a safe, warm and sustainable home, supported by quality housing management and repairs services.

Abri believes this can only be done by listening to and involving their customers. This includes how they report on their performance. That’s why Abri created their latest Customer Annual Report with a working group of customers who helped agree the design, content and format of the report.

Abri’s 2022-2023 Customer Annual Report is shaped around the five Tenant Satisfaction Measure themes:

  1. Keeping our properties in good repair
  2. Maintaining building safety
  3. Respectful and helpful tenant engagement
  4. Responsible neighbourhood management
  5. Effective handling of complaints
Ralph Facey, Abri’s Executive Director of Operations

Over the last financial year, Abri’s main focus has been supporting customers with the cost of living crisis and tackling issues like damp and mould. As a result, the report includes two sections dedicated to these topics, including a directory of support on offer at Abri and in local communities, created by its customers.

Ralph Facey, Abri’s Executive Director of Operations said: “I’m delighted to share our latest Customer Annual Report, co-created with our customers. It’s all part of Abri’s commitment to listening and working with our customers to deliver quality homes, services and thriving communities. This year we’ve achieved a lot; we saw our highest customer engagement to date, continued to invest in the fire safety and energy efficiency of our existing homes, enabled more people to realise their dream of home ownership, and provided much needed cost of living support.

“We know there are still areas we need to improve. Our priority over the next year is ensuring we deliver our core services really well. We’ll be focusing on improving the handling of our complaints, increasing the speed of our repairs response, and making our contact centre more efficient. We can’t do this without our customers, that’s why we’ll continue to listen and work with them to make service improvements, and we’ll make our colleagues more visible and accountable in our communities to better understand the unique challenges and opportunities our customers face.”

Sioux, an Abri social rent customer and co-creator of Abri’s Customer Annual Report said: “I have found being part of the team invaluable in helping me understand and know the difference residents can make by working with Abri. Working together has made all the difference and the insights we give Abri are open, honest and heartfelt. To know they respond has changed my perception of Housing Associations. I now feel part of Abri and take their performance personally and feel part of the team.”

Abri’s 2022-2023 Customer Annual Report outlines key figures, performance measures and customer satisfaction for each Tenant Satisfaction Measure theme, alongside examples of how they have worked with, or delivered for their customers, to create thriving communities and empower lives.

You can read the full report here.

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