Bernicia’s million-pound charitable foundation to launch in autumn

Bernicia Foundation (Demo)

A North East housing association has pledged £1 million to create a charitable foundation to support people and communities across the region.

The Bernicia Foundation, which is being geared up to go live in the autumn, will encourage projects and initiatives that deliver “real and lasting” community benefit, and support “inspirational individuals” to achieve their ambitions.

It will be led by housing association Bernicia’s chair, John Holmes, and overseen by a board of trustees. It priorities will be social and financial well-being, the nurturing of young talent, and innovation, the organisation said.

“As a responsible business and landlord, we recognise the important role and opportunity we have to support our wider communities,” said Holmes. “We are inspired daily by the creativity and determination of people across our region to support one another, and we want to do all that we can to help.

“The Bernicia Foundation will be an exciting opportunity for us to award grants and bursaries to individuals and organisations committed to delivering real community benefits, such as tackling loneliness, accessing employment opportunities or supporting young talent to flourish.”

John Johnston, Bernicia’s chief executive, added: “The Bernicia Foundation will be a superb addition to the Bernicia Group, and adds further weight to our growing reputation as the North East community focused housing association.

“The foundation will create a new channel through which we can provide additional support to our communities, at a time when arguably they need it the most.

“Bernicia’s commercial company, Kingston, which provides estate, property and facilities management expertise to 20,000 home owners, operate under a profit for purpose ethos and gift aid their annual surplus to Bernicia. The Bernicia board determined that £1 million of this, over the next four years, should be used to support the work of our newly established foundation.

“This further cements Bernicia as a socially responsible organisation, entirely focussed on the social and economic well-being of the North East region.”

The foundation will operate in addition to Bernicia’s existing social value commitments, which focus on health and well-being, developing employability skills and creating work experience and apprenticeship opportunities.

Recruitment for trustees begin this month with a timeline set out so that the fund is “primed and ready” to invest from the autumn.


Main image: Bernicia Foundation team (left to right) company secretary, Mike Axe; chair, John Holmes; trustee, Avril Gibson; lead officer, Andrea Malcolm; and chief executive, John Johnston


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