British Land redefines contract management with DocuSign

Utilising DocuSign eSignature, British Land has created a more sustainable and efficient business model that is digital, reliable, and safe.
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London, UK, 27 July 2022: DocuSign (Nasdaq: DOCU) has helped redefine business operations for one of the UK’s biggest property development and investment companies, British Land. Utilising the benefits of DocuSign eSignature, the world’s #1 e-signature solution, British Land has created a more sustainable and efficient business model to transact business that is digital, reliable, and safe.

Responsible for 21.6 million square feet of floor space across a diverse range of high-quality environments, British Land prepares up to 80 contracts a day for clients and suppliers. Moving this process from a paper-heavy traditional process to a more modernised digital process means British Land is significantly lessening its impact on the environment.

The benefits of a digitised system have gone far beyond sustainability for British Land, helping shape digitised processes that save time and money and provide an edge over competitors. This digital transformation has meant DocuSign eSignature has helped cut costs for British Land at a time, owing to inflation, when it is most appreciated. 

“The move to DocuSign has enhanced our credibility with customers. Being able to have a conversation and say, ‘I’ll DocuSign that over to you right now for you to sign’ boosts the perception of the British Land brand,” said Andrew Halfpenny, Senior Procurement Manager, for British Land. “We want to be as agile and nimble as we can, leveraging technology and fostering innovation and best practices from the likes of partners such as DocuSign.”

By eliminating the need for a ‘wet signature’ and moving to a digital cloud-based system, British Land has seen three overnight benefits, including:

  • Enhanced compliance and governance standards
  • Lower turnaround times and costs
  • The removal of physical printers from a number of properties, saving upwards of £8000 a year on copier finance.

Through DocuSign eSignature, British Land has also increased the security and speed of its operations, migrating to the password-protected safety of the cloud, and cutting contract turnaround time without the need for printing and postage.

The benefits have been felt by British Land’s internal teams, with templates helping drive a focus on meaningful, rather than repetitive, contract work. Meanwhile, the expenses and recruitment have equally been optimised to speed up reimbursements and onboarding.

Violeta Martin, Vice President of Commercial Sales EMEA at DocuSign adds: “We are immensely proud of the impact innovative technology such as eSignature is having on businesses like British Land. Seeing how our solutions have not just redefined British Land’s work with its clients, but its internal culture further demonstrates the sort of positive digital transformation journey we want to activate for businesses intent on growth.”

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