Bury Council joins housebuilding procurement consortium JV North

Bury Council joins JV North (Demo)

BURY Council has joined procurement consortium JV North to help it deliver a new 90-home development scheme.

The local authority has become a procurement member allowing it to access JV North’s £180 million framework of contractors and consultants.

“JV North has a long and impressive track-record of building new homes so being able to call off proven specialists like architects, quantity surveyors and contractors was very appealing,” said Christine Fallon, the council’s director of housing growth.

“It will allow us to tender works for our home building programme quickly and in a cost effective manner enabling us to start on-site far sooner. In turn, this will allow us to provide residents with new homes featuring contemporary designs and help address housing demand in our communities.”

The local authority intends to build up to 90 houses on brownfield sites across Bury by May 2021. These are to be made available for shared ownership and “affordable” rent.

The homes are the first phase of a 500-home building programme that will be delivered on Bury Council owned sites over the next three years.

Wayne Gales, chair of JV North and chief executive of Weaver Vale Housing Trust, said: “Our framework continues to be very popular with social landlords and local authorities as it greatly assists their home building work and we are always looking for new organisations to join what is a unique and very successful consortium.

“The framework offers an array of procurement benefits with tenders being received from larger companies for work over £1 million as well as from SMEs for schemes valued under £1 million. It also meets EU procurement rules and ensures best value for money.

“Crucially, it means homes can be built far quicker so people in local communities can benefit.”

JV North’s framework is valued at £180 million and runs until June 2021.

It is managed by the Saffer Cooper Consultancy and SMEs can apply to join at any time via the In-Tend procurement portal.


Photo: (Left to right) Bury Council leader, Councillor Rishi Shori; JV North chairman, Wayne Gales; and managing director at Saffer Cooper, Sean Stafford


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