CIH’s Make a Stand raises £53K for Women’s Aid as it launches guide on tackling domestic abuse

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THE Chartered Institute of Housing (CIH) has published a ‘how to’ guide on standing up to domestic abuse to encourage more organisations to sign up to its Make a Stand campaign.

As of last week, 425 organisations had signed up to the campaign. In all, 392 housing providers have signed the main Make a Stand pledge since the campaign was started in June 2018. Meanwhile, 33 suppliers and other housing organisations have signed the supporters’ pledge.

So far, the campaign has raised £53,500 for Women’s Aid.

“We are so grateful to CIH and all those who have pledged to Make a Stand, becoming part of our movement to end domestic abuse,” said Adina Claire, acting co-chief executive of Women’s Aid. “This will make a huge difference to our work, as we rely on donations.”

Alison Inman started the campaign as CIH president 2017-18, and it was continued by Jim Strang, who was CIH’s president 2018-19.

“We as a profession are well placed to help identify the signs, to deal with the outcomes and help tackle some of the root causes of domestic violence. We’re in these homes more regularly than most other professions,” Strang said.

“I am thrilled that so many organisations have signed up to Make a Stand, less than two years after its launch. And to those who haven’t signed up yet, I ask: what’s stopping you?”

CIH said it will continue the Make a Stand campaign, until all the UK’s housing providers and the organisations they work with have made a stand to put a stop to domestic abuse.

The guide can be found on the CIH’s website.



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