First Choice Homes Oldham

An aerial view of Oldham town centre.

The Challenge

First Choice Homes Oldham (FCHO) manage over 11,000 properties from individual homes to low rise and tower blocks. In previous years they have operated an old communal door access system that required at least 24 hours for a new fob to be added. As a result of this process, FCHO knew that they were not achieving high levels of service and, customer satisfaction was also low. In addition, having had the system for over a decade, there were a considerable number of repairs needed on an ongoing basis, all leading to additional costs.

The Requirement

The old system FCHO had in place relied on dial up technology, this meant time delays and more time from the Neighbourhood and service teams when issuing fobs or carrying out repairs. FCHO knew they needed to change their approach and began looking for a new system and possibly a new partner.

One of the primary requirements for FCHO was to find a “cloud based” communal door access solution that would allow instant access to the system from anywhere using web enable devices. This would then lead to a reduction in the time required to manage the system and ultimately lower costs.

FCHO identified four possible providers and invited these companies with KMS being one, to present their company and products, for the project to update all FCHO communal door access systems. As well as requiring a cloudbased system, FCHO were also concerned that the transition needed to be smooth with minimum disruption to their customers. KMS were selected and within six months had completed the upgrade at 290 blocks.

The Results

KMS’ Simpleykey Web has now been installed across all blocks managed by FCHO which require access control. The result of the upgrade has exceeded all expectations and has had a significant impact in relation to time saving for FCHO. There are also many other benefits including:

• A reduction in fob queries
• Reduction in time on the phone forthe admin team
• Reduction in time spent on fobrenewals

In addition, the support provided by KMS throughout the process has meant that where there were any queries or issues, they were overcome immediately.

Ron Williams – FCHO “Since selecting KMS, we have known this was the right decision so much so that many of our teams have been saying ‘How good is this, why has it taken so long to find them.’ Their support has been fantastic since the project started and the system, Simpleykey Web is extremely easy to use. The results have meant we have saved considerable time and money not to mention improving the satisfaction levels of our customers.”

For more information on SimpleKey Web and how First Choice Homes Oldham has benefited, visit or call 01494 531099

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