G15 housing association Catalyst announces new partnership with Rosebery

The partnership, which will see Rosebery become Catalyst's subsidiary, aims to deliver 2,000 homes in Surrey and West Sussex in 10 years.
Ravi Rajagopal, chair of Catalyst, and Christine Turner, chair of Rosebery Housing Association.

The G15 housing association Catalyst and South East housing association Rosebery have announced a formal partnership.

Catalyst owns and manages 34,000 homes in London and the South East, while Rosebery has around 2,700 across Surrey and West Sussex.

Under the partnership Rosebery will become a subsidiary of Catalyst. However, it will retain its own board and management team and will continue to operate within its current geographic area.

The pair hope that the partnership will deliver 2,000 new homes in Rosebery’s area of operation over the next 10 years.

Ravi Rajagopal, chair of Catalyst, said: “The strong values and local expertise of Rosebery, as well as their excellent reputation made them an attractive potential partner and we’re pleased to welcome them to the Catalyst Group.

“I very much look forward to working together and welcoming [Rosebery] to the Catalyst board as we deliver on our ambitions to provide much needed affordable housing in the area.”

Christine Turner, chair of Rosebery’s board, said: “This partnership is a great achievement for both organisations and we look forward to working with our new partners.

“Catalyst and Rosebery have a lot in common; we are both values-driven, we believe in doing the right things and we pride ourselves on our strong governance. These are the key ingredients of what I am sure will be a successful and enduring partnership with Catalyst.”

The announcement of the new partnership follows discussions between the two organisations which began in August last year.

The pair say that early on in talks it was clear there was “considerable synergy between the two organisations, including their similar culture, aims and objectives”.

Catalyst says that Rosebery was an attractive partner due to its “capability to take on the management of more homes in their expanding geographic area”.

Catalyst’s history of major estate regeneration is understood to have made a partnership an equally appealing proposition for Rosebery.

Ian McDermott, chief executive of Catalyst, said: “Catalyst has been open to gradual growth opportunities and this partnership fits our philosophy of being able to build more homes in a thoughtful, considered way.

“I look forward to working with Christine and colleagues across Rosebery to deliver on the potential of this partnership.”

Rosebery’s chief executive, Deborah Pike, commented: “We are delighted to have created this partnership with Catalyst and the future looks bright for both organisations.

“Throughout the months we’ve spent in these discussions, the relationship between our teams has been really positive. We are looking forward to more people connecting and learning from each other as the partnership grows and develops.”

Image: Ravi Rajagopal, chair of Catalyst, and Christine Turner, chair of Rosebery Housing Association. Credit: Catalyst

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