Gentoo notches up 1,000 roof replacements as part of home improvement plan

Gentoo's roofing milestone (Demo)

A North East housing provider is shouting from the rooftops after scoring quite the milestone in a four-year plan to improve homes – it has completed 1,000 roof replacements.

Gentoo Group appointed ENGIE to carry out the roof works, which is taking place across Sunderland. Thousands of tenants are expected to benefit from the extensive improvement works as part of Gentoo Group’s wider investment programme.

“Gentoo is committed to continually investing in customers’ homes,” said Marc Edwards, Gentoo’s head of delivery. “We are delighted to have partnered with ENGIE to carry out the works to ensure our customers are living in good-quality homes which is our utmost priority. We are thrilled with the way the work is currently going and look forward to continuing this partnership.”

All work will be completed with customers in occupation and ENGIE has pledged to work openly and closely with Gentoo’s tenants throughout the duration of the project to ensure disruption is kept to a minimum.

The project includes upgrading roof coverings and replacing rainwater goods in addition to rectifying any properties with signs of dampness via external walls to ensure they are protected from the elements.

“We’re pleased to have reached this key milestone, helping Gentoo’s housing stock continue to be high-quality, sustainable housing for its residents,” said Andrew McIntosh, ENGIE’s regional managing director.

“As a business, we’re focused on working with partners to improve the environment we live in and key to that is keeping those affected engaged and updated at every stage. There’s lots more to do, but we’re delighted that work is progressing well and that Gentoo and its customers are pleased with the improvements.”


Main Image: (left to right) Robert Whitehead, general foreman; Penny Sidney, resident liaison officer; and David Kinleyside, site manager for ENGIE; with Marc Edwards, head of delivery for Gentoo; and Andrew McIntosh, regional managing director for ENGIE, with Gentoo tenants Margaret and John Bland.


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