Grand Union introduces staff mental health support

Milton Keynes-based Grand Union Housing Group has introduced brainworking recursive therapy (BWRT) to help employees struggling with issues.
Anne-Marie Huff

Milton Keynes-based Grand Union Housing Group has introduced brainworking recursive therapy (BWRT) to help employees struggling with issues including anxiety, PTSD and grief.

The landlord, which manages 12,000 homes in Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Northamptonshire and Hertfordshire, employs 400 people and is the first social housing provider to offer BWRT company-wide after it transformed the life of an employee who experienced a breakdown during the pandemic.

Like many organisations, Grand Union has seen their colleagues experience all sorts of challenges to their mental health over the last 18 months. As part of their commitment to supporting staff wellbeing, Grand Union is now using BWRT after seeing it provide fast, effective relief to one colleague who ended up living on the streets during the pandemic and another who struggled with grief following the death of her mother to cancer.

BWRT is based in neuroscience and is different from traditional talking therapies as it works directly at the core of the problem to get a fast and permanent fix. Rather than spending months or sometimes years in counselling, people can feel much better within 1-4 sessions. BWRT is also less challenging for people as they don’t need to tell their therapist what’s happened, so it doesn’t require them to revisit the trauma they’ve experienced.

Anne-Marie Huff, corporate services director at Grand Union, says: “We originally decided to try BWRT for a colleague who was really struggling with their mental health last year and had tried other therapies and interventions. She’d been in counselling three times a week for 13 years and had a complete breakdown during lockdown which left her living on the streets and unable to function properly. We wanted to help her and knew that we needed a different approach, so we offered BWRT. After just a few sessions, it completely changed her life. She’s back in her home and is flourishing at work. I was absolutely blown away with the results. As part of our colleague wellbeing programme, we now offer BWRT with the same amazing results and will continue to use it because it’s modern, quick and effective. It just works.”

Huff is so impressed with the therapy that she’s currently training in BWRT herself in order to provide it in-house.

Julie Watts, executive director at The BWRT Institute says “Covid has presented a few challenges for everyone’s mental health. BWRT is a fast and effective way to help people change their lives for the better. We’re excited that a trailblazer like Grand Union, who is leading the way in mental health, has the amazing foresight to offer BWRT as part of their employee wellbeing programme.”


Image: Anne-Marie Huff, courtesy GUHG.

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