Homes England awards £5bn+ to new strategic partners

Homes England has awarded over £5bn to 31 housing associations and joint ventures for the delivery of affordable homes.
Pic 1 A recent Thirteen new build

Homes England has awarded over £5bn to a total of 31 housing associations and joint ventures as part of its strategic partnership scheme to assist with the delivery of affordable homes over the next five years. The grants are intended to assist with the creation of almost 90,000 new homes over the period.

Out of the 31 organisations, seven received the top grant funding of £250m – Abri, a new partnership between Guinness and Stonewater,  Hyde, Places for People, Platform, Together, and Clarion. The seven each have different build targets, with Hyde asked to build the least homes – just 3,000 – while Clarion, the UK’s biggest social landlord, is expected to build 4,770. Together the seven groups will deliver just over 28,000 homes.

Elsewhere, Great Places has been given the highest delivery target of the 31. It is required to build 4,920 new homes, despite just missing out on the top group of recipients with its £241m grant. The lowest grant among the 31 successful bidders went to Metropolitan Thames Valley. It will be expected to build 1,500 homes with its £62.5m award. Intriguingly, this is exactly the same number of homes as Orbit is expected to deliver with almost double the funding. The Midlands housing association has been awarded £103.9m.

Ian Wardle, chief executive of 13, which received £191.3m in the latest round of funding, said: “We’re absolutely delighted to have been announced as a strategic partner of Homes England. This funding allows us to build on our ambitious development programme across the North East, Yorkshire and the Humber. It’s our largest ever single award grant and will allow us to provide a further 3,270 much needed affordable homes. It will help us transform communities by delivering high quality, green homes and much more for our customers. It will also mean we can play an even greater role in addressing the current housing crisis.”

Paul Fiddaman, Chief Executive, Karbon Homes, which received £131.5m for 2,200 homes, added: “We’re delighted to be entering into this strategic partnership which will enable us to provide additional affordable homes across the North East and Yorkshire. We have a strong track record of delivering good quality, affordable homes and this will enable us to continue to grow our housebuilding programme and to deliver a wide range of homes, for a range of tenures, that will meet customer needs and strengthen local communities.”

The new strategic partnerships will account for nearly £5.2bn of the £7.4bn funding in the Affordable Homes Programme 2021-26 that Homes England is responsible for. All homes built under the programme will meet National Design Guide Principles and will incorporate environmental sustainability measures.

Image: A recent Thirteen new build, courtesy Thirteen.

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