Housing Executive to give UK charities free utility assistance

Housing Executive has partnered with business utility specialists Fresh Energy to offer a free charity auditing service!

The coronavirus pandemic has been impeding on and restricting business activities for over a year. A variety of industries have seen these disruptions have a major impact on working life and how we manage our day-to-day business.

The biggest impact has been seen in the hospitality and entertainment sectors, where over 80% of businesses have had to close or temporarily cease operations, due to Government restrictions. Businesses in other sectors have also been feeling the pinch, as they have had to adapt their products, services and work spaces in order to make the adjustments necessary to keep staff and customers safe while continuing to operate.

Alongside the government furlough scheme, several UK charities are fighting to answer the call of these struggling organisations. However, restricted resources and a lack of fundraising opportunities has resulted in many charities being unable to cope with the excess demand for their services.

The ONS found that 25% of UK businesses who have been unable to afford mandatory occupational health adaptations, or are unable to operate safely within their local tier guidelines, have had to pause operations. This resulted in the stagnation or reduction of cashflow for many UK businesses which has led to permanent closure or seeking charitable assistance in many cases.

Charities struggling to meet demand from UK businesses

There are now over 166,000 charities proactively supporting different causes across the UK. Whether you are looking for assistance with paying bills, running your business or other personal reasons, there’s a charity out there that can at least offer you some advice on how to cope with your situation.

In order to support these amazing organisations, business utility specialists Fresh Energy have partnered with Housing Executive Magazine to offer a free charity auditing service!

The aim of this is to identify areas where non-profit organisations can reduce their utility and business costs, so that they can continue their hard work with the advantage of the additional resources made available using clever utility management.

The Fresh Energy charity utility audit includes:

  • VAT assessment – Secure a charity VAT refund for up to six years, regardless of supplier or tariff changes.
  • Utility contract review – Fresh Energy will investigate your current utility accounts to identify any reductions or incorrect charges that can be secured on ongoing charity utility and business service overheads.
  • Telecoms/broadband/merchant services review – Fresh Energy have strategic relationships to assist your organisation in reducing their costs and recuperate any discrepancies on your beheld.
  • Ongoing support and management – Dedicated utility management expert on your side ensuring an effective management to never go out of contract and waste valuable resources again.
  • Assistance meeting government carbon reduction targets for 2030 – Fresh Energy can help you to identify the best green utility solutions and consumption reduction advice for your charity and provide additional income to your organization through embedded generation.
  • Multi-utility installer – Fast, cost-effective advisories and action plans for new installation and new build site management for all of your utility needs.

Claim a free utility audit for your charity! Call 01204 565 330 / 340, email connections@fresh-energy.co.uk or visit fresh-energy.co.uk.

Fresh Energy boss commits to supporting UK businesses

James Donoghue, operations director of Fresh Energy believes that UK businesses who can continue to operate need to step in and do more to help struggling UK businesses and charities.

“It’s the responsibility of business leaders with the means to do so, to do what they can to help struggling organizations through these hard times,” Donoghue says.

“By using a combined approach to utility management, our free utility auditing scheme aims to provide charities with the opportunity to claw back their costs, so that they can redistribute funds elsewhere and continue to support both individuals and organisations in need of assistance.

“We owe them our support, so we are working with the team at Fresh Energy to get proactive and step up to do what we can. We implore other businesses to get creative and do the same!”

Fresh Energy doesn’t just support charities in the reduction of their utility costs. They have previously helped to secure a substantial saving of over £100,000 for a single business on gas, electricity and water costs alone.

Although times are tough and normality is a long way off, it is comforting to see how much help and support has been made available to UK business from both the public and private sector. Companies like Fresh Energy are making a real difference by being proactive in problem solving and helping to address financial problems for businesses during the current crisis.

A fresh perspective really does make a difference!

Contact Fresh Energy to claim a free business energy audit.

Call 01204 565 330 / 340 or visit fresh-energy.co.uk.

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