Just the job: Bolton at Home shares its social value impact

Bolton Resident John Fallows (Demo)

A Bolton landlord has been exploring why its operations matter for local residents beyond the ‘bricks and mortar’ of housing with a report into its delivery of social value.

Social value is defined as the positive changes people experience in their lives due to the actions of on organisation or business.

In the case of Bolton at Home, the organisation says it has helped 317 tenants and residents into employment, taken on 53 apprentices, and spent more than £25 million in the borough over the last year.

Furthermore, Bolton at Home’s social value impact report 2018-19 claims:

  • The organisation provided over £5 million in grants and other benefits for tenants and residents
  • £4 million was spent on supporting voluntary, community and social enterprise (VCSE) organisations
  • £428,000 inward investment grants were secured for VCSE partners
  • 100% of staff paid at least the ‘Real Living Wage’
  • 254 work experience placements for people
  • Over 63,000 volunteer hours delivered by staff, tenants and residents
  • 92% of business waste recycled
  • 165 homes let to people who were previously homeless.

“We do social good by working in various ways that can make a difference to people’s lives. It’s about supporting individuals and communities all year-round, both directly and indirectly,” said Jon Lord, Bolton at Home’s chief executive.

“I’m delighted we could help 895 tenants and residents towards employment overall and support 209 voluntary, community and social enterprise organisations. Highlighting such activities helps people to know some of the different ways we can support them as well as providing affordable homes.”


Main Image: John Fallows was supported into work with help from Bolton at Home’s UCAN centre and its Working Wardrobe service


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