Leeds council considers selective licensing for private landlords

LEEDS City Council is considering introducing a selective licensing scheme for private rented housing and is calling for people to share their views.

The council has launched a consultation on its proposals to apply a selective licensing scheme in some part of the city, which runs until 31 October.

If introduced in Leeds, selective licensing would mean that every home let by a private landlord within a defined area would need a licence from the council. Each licence would have conditions attached that the licence holder would have to meet, the council explained.

Private renting has grown in the city in recent years, and the council claims introducing a licensing scheme would help to raise standards in the sector and help it tackle deprivations experience in some wards, such as Beeston and Harehills.

“Selective licensing schemes can also help create communities and places where people want to live, play, work and stay,” said Mark Ireland, the council’s service manager for private sector housing. “The council is consulting on the proposal for selective licensing in parts of Beeston and Harehills. Everyone with an interest in the areas: residents, landlords, businesses and partners will be provided with information regarding the proposal.”

Councillor Debra Couper, the city council’s executive member for communities, added: “A priority for the council is to improve the quality of housing across the city and make sure private rented homes are well managed by landlords. This is why we’re considering introducing selective licensing in parts of Beeston and Harehills.”



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