Leeds residents urged to make the most of National Recycling Week

RESIDENTS in Leeds, West Yorkshire, are being urged to boost their recycling efforts for national recycling week.

Organised by WRAP under the Recycle Now brand, the initiative has grown each year since it was established 15 years ago. Over that time, more local authorities and community groups have joined in to get Britain recycling more, and making sure people know what to add to their recycle bins.

In Leeds, the city council says almost a third of the average general waste bin is still made up of materials that can be recycled.

Items like paper, glass, plastic and metal can all be recycled, and earlier this year the council issued a handy recycling guide to all residents to help them understand what they can and can’t recycle.

As a city, we can all make a real difference to the environment if we ensure we understand which items can be put in our green recycling bins – it could surprise you how much you can actually recycle,” said Councillor Mohammed Rafique, the city council’s executive member for environment and active lifestyles.

The equivalent weight of over 25 double decker buses of recycling waste is collected in the city each day, according to the council.

“This year we’ve all taken more notice of our impact on the environment and realised that recycling is part of reducing that impact,” said Craig Stephens, campaign manager for Recycle Now. “Here in Leeds it’s no different – more and more of us are recycling, so the next step is to make sure we get our recycling right.”



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