Moorhouse takes to the Rhodes for a gruelling 150-mile charity trek

TALK about going the extra mile; a customer services manager with Together Housing is set to go a whole 150 in a gruelling two-day walk for charity.

Ben Moorhouse, 35, who is originally from Shelf in West Yorkshire, is hoping to raise £3,000 for cancer charities by walking the whole of Rhodes – a feat said to have never been done before.

But Moorhouse will have to contend with more than the prospect of sore feet and aching legs – he’ll need to face temperatures expected to be up to 50C. Now that’s real Tyke grit.

The extreme challenge gets underway at the end of this week, when Moorhouse flies out to the Greek island on Saturday, 4 August, to walk what is the equivalent of six marathons.

The trek is to raise money for the Steve Prescott Foundation, which was set up in November 2013 in honour of the international rugby league player, Steve Prescott, who died of stomach cancer at the age of 39. Money raised will support The Christie in Manchester and the Rugby League Benevolent Fund.

Moorhouse is no stranger to long-distance walks on the island, though this will certainly be his biggest challenge to date. In 2015, he walked the east coast of Rhodes in three days, and in 2016 he took two days to make the trip, and then last year he took just one day.

Usually Moorhouse is accompanied by his partner Gaynor Thompson but this year she is expecting their first child, so she will be a member of his support team in the car for the full 48 hours. That’s going to be a challenge in itself, as she is six months pregnant.

So far, the couple have raised £7,200, but with this latest trek, they hope to top the £10,000 mark.

“Although I’ve walked the east coast three times, the west coast is completely new to me and this will be the first time I’ll be walking without Gaynor by my side,” said Moorhouse, who was a holiday rep on the island when he was younger.

“The west is less populated than the east and includes mountain roads, so I’ll face new dangers on the way, especially through the night. I have been advised it is dangerous doing these distances in the heat and humidity, but I’ve thrown everything into training this year from the Beast from the East, through snow, ice and hail, to the recent heatwave.

“I’m a big rugby league fan and although I never had the pleasure of meeting Steve, I followed his journey and am keen to continue his legacy. Steve said what the mind believes the body achieves and a challenge is not a challenge unless it is challenging – I will certainly use his words to guide me to success in Rhodes.”

Moorhouse can be sponsored by visiting or text SPCW82 to SPCW82 £amount to 70070. You can also follow his progress at



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