Newcastle’s Great Park expansion plans approved

Great Park (Demo)

A planning application for 1,200 new homes and two schools in Newcastle has been approved by the city council.

The plan sets out an expansion of Newcastle Great Park near Gosforth in the North of the city. The new homes will be a mix of private market and “affordable” housing, with 75% aimed at families.

Two new schools will also be built – a first school providing spaces for 450 pupils and a middle/secondary school for up to 1,700 pupils.

The phased multi-million development on the northern edge of the Great Park also involves the creation of new habitats for wildlife, ecological enhancements, new playing fields, a changing pavilion, car parking and new public open spaces on what is mainly agricultural land.

There will also be significant investment in the highway infrastructure including new cycle routes and bus services to ensure it can accommodate the transport requirements of new families moving into the area.

“The approval of this big application is great news for Newcastle because its population is growing,” said Councillor Linda Hobson, cabinet member for housing.

“If we are to continue to grow, it’s imperative we provide more housing – housing for people on all incomes so Newcastle continues to be a fair and inclusive city. That is what this application is all about.

“Attracting new families means greater demand for our schools, so I am delighted the city will also get two new schools – a first and middle/secondary school – which together will create spaces for up to 2,000 pupils from four-year-olds right through to 16-year-olds.”

Work began on Newcastle Great Park in 2001. It’s expected to be complete by 2034. So far 2,000 of the 4,500 homes promised have been built.



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