North West social housing consortium appoints contractors to £560m framework

JV North has appointed 24 contractors to its framework, which will help its members build around 4,000 new homes between 2021 and 2025.
JV North chair Wayne Gales (left) with Sean Stafford of Saffer Cooper (right).

The North West social housing consortium JV North has appointed contractors and consultants to its £560 million homebuilding framework.

JV North, which counts 13 housing associations and local authorities as members, tendered the four-year framework this April.

The framework aims to help the 125,000-home housing consortium build around 4,000 new homes between 2021 and 2025.

Wane Gales, chair of JV North chair and chief executive at Weaver Vale Housing Trust, said: “Previous frameworks have been very successful and the consortium would like to thank the companies involved, many of whom have been appointed again as we look to build even more homes.

“Our new framework focuses on not only addressing the housing crisis but working together with contractors and consultants to create efficient and high quality homes that contribute positively to the communities in which they are situated.

“The Building Back Fairer principle underpinning this framework will see the companies appointed working with our members to also provide clear social value outcomes, addressing key issues such as inequality, poor health, unemployment and apprenticeships.

“This framework and the relationships formed with all partners is going to be critical post-pandemic when the extent of the human and financial impact of COVID-19 is clear.”

JV North comprises several local authorities and housing associations largely based across Greater Manchester. Collectively, the consortium’s members manage over 125,000 homes.

The consortium’s members are Bury Council, Johnnie Johnson Housing, One Manchester, Peaks and Plains Housing Trust, Muir Group, Plus Dane Housing, Sovini, Stockport Homes, Stockport Council, Torus, Trafford Housing Trust, Weaver Vale Housing Trust and Wythenshawe Community Housing Group.

JV North has appointed a total of 24 contractors to the framework’s three construction bands valued at £1 to £4 million, £4 to £10 million and £10 million and over. These contractors are as follows:

  • £10 million and over: ENGIE Regeneration, United Living (North), Lovell Partnerships, Rowlinson, Seddon Construction, Anwyl Partnerships and Vistry Partnerships
  • £4 to £10 million: United Living (North), ENGIE Regeneration, Crossfield Group, The Casey Group, Seddon Construction, Whitfield & Brown (Developments), Termrim Construction and Penny Lane Builders
  • £1 to £4 million: J Greenwood (Builders), John Southworth Builders, The Casey Group, Crossfield Group, Whitfield & Brown (Developments), RP Tyson Construction, Termrim Construction, HMS and Wiggett Construction Group

Nine architecture companies have been appointed to the framework, along with eight employers’ agents and five purchaser agents.

JV North has also announced the appointments of eight principal designers, four structural engineers, and four mechanical and electrical engineers.

Two companies were selected to the framework’s values lot, while four planning consultants and six clerks of works were also chosen.

JV North was assisted by international law firm Trowers & Hamlins in finalising the framework, which is managed by Saffer Cooper Consultancy.

Sean Stafford, director of Saffer Cooper Consultancy, commented: “The framework was heavily oversubscribed with more than 180 bids of excellent quality and we would like to thank everyone who applied.

“With a strong development pipeline in place, members will be calling off from the framework immediately with inception sessions being held in the coming weeks. It will give JV North members the platform to continue its fantastic track record of delivery.”

Image: JV North chair Wayne Gales (left) with Sean Stafford of Saffer Cooper (right). Credit: JV North.

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