Northern Housing LIVE: Major new housing conference prepares to gather in Harrogate

Harrogate Convention Centre (Demo)

A major housing conference will convene in Harrogate later this year to explore and amplify the powerful case for the North’s economic empowerment.

The UK cannot thrive without a stronger North. But the North itself cannot thrive without the investment and the infrastructure necessary to unleash its fullest potential.

That’s a key theme in the coming Northern Housing LIVE conference, to be held at the Harrogate Convention Centre on 8 October 2020.

Organised in partnership by Crosby Associates Media – publisher of Northern Housing magazine – and UK Business Events, organiser of the Northern Housing Awards, Northern Housing LIVE promises lively debate, cutting edge research, and a chance to network with the industry’s key movers and shakers.

“Emboldened by the Northern Powerhouse, our leaders – from across industry and business, civil society, regional and local government, academia and more – are finding common cause. There is a renewed determination for change – and a shared vision for the future,” a spokesperson said.

“It’s a vision where North and South are not the embittered protagonists of a fractured and divided nation, but functioning parts of a greater whole; partners in sustaining a nation that prospers for all its citizens.

“Now, with the Prime Minister talking of ‘levelling up’ the country, there is the opportunity to forge common cause between North and South. The truth is, we need each other. To borrow an old political slogan, we really are all in it together.”

Housing providers and their partners have a critical role in delivering the vision of a revitalised North and a more balanced Britain. The dead weight of the housing crisis is a burden on regional and national recovery alike.

The challenges involved have perhaps never been greater, the stakes never so high. Much the same can be said of the opportunities to deliver the homes and the conditions that families and communities need to thrive.

In October 2020, the housing sector’s leaders and thinkers will come together with key stakeholders and partners for this major conference and exhibition, to discuss these issues and more.



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