Parking complaints from residents on the rise? Look no further…

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Research from Statista states 46% of the UK population in 2020 owned one car per household, and 32% owned two cars per household. This figure fluctuates depending on the region. For example, in the South East and South West, the number of cars per household is on the rise, but in London, car ownership is falling.

This change in buyer behaviour can depend on the availability of spaces and accessibility to nearby locations. With 78% of the UK population owning one or more cars per household, this puts a huge strain on residential areas.

Residents want to park their cars easily and close to their homes. There are many difficulties and complexities that housing associations and residential areas have managing different sized housing estates. However, on residential sites complaints about parking issues are highly common. In dense traffic locations with high footfall such as city centres, residential parking can often be a target for unauthorised parking taking up valuable spaces for paying residents. This can be frustrating for residents as well as the property managers or housing associations who manage the site.

In some cases, residents use more parking spaces than they are entitled to causing disruptions for other neighbouring homeowners. Visitor bays are usually contentious too with several guests overstaying and there is a limited amount of allocated visitor bays. Also, cars today are wider and longer with more luggage capacity than in previous decades so many vehicles struggled to fit into bays and can end up parking outside of markings, therefore causing more problems with residential parking.

All these parking issues can be alleviated by effective car park management. From ANPR to warden patrols, and reporting to permit management, several solutions can improve parking problems on residential estates. Here are the top 3 reasons why car park management is essential for residential sites:

1.Preventing parking abuse

Housing associations and property managers roles include the provision of parking for residents. It can be difficult to manage residential sites with ongoing parking abuse and increasing complaints. It puts pressure on staff and can eventually negatively affect residents’ attitudes towards the site and staff. Parking abuse can easily be prevented with car park management. Warden operations provide regular patrols of a parking area and make sure all vehicles are parked according to the terms and conditions. And with ANPR cameras, eyes are always on your car park. Many operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, giving you greater protection, and peace of mind. Unlike warden operations, this means throughout the year you have a reliable solution that can be managed around the clock. Plus, all parking charge notices are sent through the post preventing onsite confrontation and needless distress for all parties.


2.Easier resource management

A car park management provider would act as the main point of contact for all parking-related issues for residents. This frees up property managers time as well as reduces their workload. A fully automated ANPR system can remotely monitor and manage the site effectively. The technology has 99% accuracy in detecting unauthorised vehicles and potential security breaches. It is more reliable than manual checks and reduces human errors. Plus, the admin of handling customer complaints and unauthorised visitors can be time-consuming. But with ANPR solutions, all admin tasks are easily managed by the system.

3.Effective permit management

Tackling the requirements of permits when residential sites have a variety of visitors can be an ongoing challenge. And historically, physical permits can be easily misused by another person or vehicle. Not to mention the time-consuming, costly, and unnecessary admin paper permits bring.

Working in conjunction with enforcement solutions, permits can be managed and controlled in a web-based portal. They provide secure, real-time information on active authorised permit parking and remove the stress and hassle of managing numerous permits.

Car park management ensures parking facilities run efficiently but also that they are used in the way they were intended. Ultimately making parking easier and a positive experience for residents and staff. If you would like more information on car park management for your residential site, please
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