Peabody assists residents with energy savings

Peabody has partnered with energy advice provider AgilityEco to support residents in the face of rising energy costs.
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Peabody has partnered with energy advice provider AgilityEco to support residents as they face a challenging winter, struggling to heat their homes in the face of rising energy costs.

Peabody’s research suggests that in the last year, residents have found it difficult to pay for essentials including food and fuel with 23% of new Universal Credit claimants going without heating to save money, and 14% visiting a food bank in the past year. Some London boroughs are seeing over 20% of all households already in fuel poverty.

Peabody has relaunched the free energy advice service to continue to support all its residents in these challenging times, with over 250 residents signing up so far to request help to save money on their energy bills. Many of the residents have already saved over £140 after signing up to the Warm Homes Discount scheme, which provides a one-off discount on their electricity bills.

Peabody resident Angela, from Bexley, was the first resident to use the new energy advice service and has saved £140 on her energy bills. 

Angela said: “I signed up to get help keeping warm as my home is cold, and to save money as I’ll have to start putting the heating on soon. Dave the AgilityEco advisor was great, we had a good conversation, he knew what he was talking about.

“He signed me up to EOn’s Register my Interest for the Warm Home Discount grant so that’ll save £140 – it helps a lot! I also received some water-saving freebies.

“I recommend it. It was good to go over it with someone and find out ways of saving money – simple little things like turning TVs off instead of standby and using energy saving bulbs.” 

Richard Ellis, Peabody’s director of sustainability, said: “We know that this winter is going to be hard for our residents and we are doing everything that we can to ensure their homes are warm this winter. Our energy advice service with AgilityEco is just one of the ways in which we are supporting them. We want our residents to use energy more efficiently in their homes and reduce the risk of fuel poverty. This partnership will not only help our residents save money now, it will help protect them from future energy price rises whilst also reducing their carbon footprint.”

Peabody’s research has found that tailored energy advice will create a 10-21% reduction in CO2 and save an average of £144 on residents’ fuel bills, by helping them switch tariffs, supporting them to access to energy grants, cheaper water tariffs and help with energy and water debt.

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