Reallies and Crown Commercial Services join forces to raise the fleet for social landlords

PROCUREMENT body Reallies is working with Crown Commercial Services (CCS) to provide social landlords with a better deal on fleet management.

CCS is the biggest public procurement organisation in the UK and is an executive agency of the Cabinet Office. The organisation’s fleet category provides is said to provide competitive standard discounts, direct order options, bulk buying solutions, local dealer supply and built-in social value and sustainability measures.

“We are committed to working with Reallies to ensure their customers achieve maximum value for their money,” said Tammy Carter, senior fleet category lead at CCS. “We do this by leveraging our commercial expertise and national buying power, combining their requirements with those of other public sector organisations and using standardised vehicle specifications. We can achieve savings on average of 11% on lease and 10% on purchase, above the average fleet discounts.”

On top of all the cost savings provided by CCS, Reallies will “keep things simple” by managing the entire purchasing process, from the initial enquiry through to development of the brief and its delivery. The organisation said its account management teams have “specialist knowledge of the social housing sector and its fleet requirements, which in consultation with each customer, they will use to define the service and tailor social value outcomes”.

Paul Tennant, independent chair for Reallies, said: “We are delighted to be collaborating with CCS to broaden our fleet offer and provide this excellent value service, giving social landlords who manage vehicles for materials delivery, environmental services and everything in-between, more ways to save money and time, without compromising on quality or choice.”

The fleet solutions available cover the purchase and lease of a wide range of standard build vehicles, from commercial vehicles (light commercial, heavy goods such as refuse collection and mini buses) to cars. All vehicles available in the UK market, current and future, are accessible via the CCS agreement, Reallies said.

Its fleet solution includes: Vehicle lease and fleet management; vehicle purchase; vehicle conversion; vehicle telematics; vehicle hire; supply and fit of tyres; fuel cards and associated services; and a regular e-auction programme, for increased aggregation.

Reallies is a partnership between the regional procurement bodies Efficiency North and Procure Plus.



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