Remember the value of local tradespeople

The ever-growing demand for a professional tradesperson will always remain because of their skillsets that address our everyday needs.

The ever-growing demand for a professional tradesperson will always remain because of their valuable skillsets that help to address our everyday needs, says builders’ merchant Buttle’s. With the home improvement market now worth an estimated £4.94 billion, up £552 million from 2019, it’s clear the industry is continuing to grow as consumers seek to add value to their homes in a sellers’ market.

Choosing the right tradesperson to carry out any kind of repair or renovation building work in a home is not always a straightforward or easy decision. Price is of course an important factor but there are so many other elements to making the right choice, that requires research into potential suppliers.

The majority of tradespeople are skilled at what they do, honest, and hard-working, but in the unfortunate circumstance that you encounter one that isn’t, it can result in botched jobs that cause headaches for months or even years – such as essentially living in a building site until the issues are fixed by someone more qualified and in turn costing much more than originally budgeted for.

Sometimes DIY, sometimes don’t

Millions of people turned to DIY projects as they looked to fill their time during the COVID-induced lockdowns, with desire to complete renovations outweighing knowledge or know-how. As a result it was reported that an enormous 9 out of 10 of the 44 million Brits botched attempted DIY jobs, and 1 in 10 managed to injure themselves.

If the queues we saw outside B&Q stores when lockdown ended were anything to go by, then it’s likely that tradespeople all over the country will be busy fixing the efforts of those who sadly underestimated the scale or don’t have skill required to complete these types of jobs. Serving as a reminder of how much we laymen rely on the expertise of qualified tradespeople.

What is already considered an investment can become a much bigger expense if it’s needed to be done twice. That’s not to say we should all shy away from DIY, but the value of the tradesperson should be considered when outlining sizeable projects.

Materials shortages

Hand in hand with the DIY and construction surge since lockdowns began easing, came skyrocketing demand for already scarce materials – up 23% since last year. Uplift in prices places even more emphasis on making sure your job is done right the first time round, although understandably increasing product costs can surely tempt those with a tight budget to save where possible.

It is a true saying that usually, you get what you pay for. In turn, a good tradesperson that knows their industry should be able to offer support in sourcing quality materials at an affordable price. Hannah Brunton of Buttle’s independent builder’s merchants, said: “We’ve built a business on the value of our people. Although the building industry has changed in our 102 years, the knowledge and insight the tradesperson brings to a job knows no bounds. DIY projects can often fill us with pride as we complete our garden shed, extension, or even an interior design revamp, but an expert eye is invaluable in ensuring things will definitely go without a hitch.”

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