Report highlights Yorkshire Housing for helping people stay at home longer

A national charity has praised a Yorkshire landlord for its efforts to help older people to live in their homes for longer.

The report, Adapting for Ageing, by the Centre for Ageing Better and Care & Repair England, highlighted Yorkshire Housing for its good practice on adapting and improving homes.

Adaptations enable people to carry out everyday activities such as cooking, bathing or using the toilet and ultimately allow people to stay in their homes.

They are also highly cost-effective; improving wellbeing, keeping people out of hospital, preventing or delaying moves into residential care and reducing the need for carers.

The report explored the good practice and innovative approaches taken by councils and service providers on carrying out adaptations to help people stay in the homes longer but found that across the country there was something of a ‘postcode lottery’.

Yorkshire Housing’s home improvement agency was named in the report as one of the services that showed innovation for its work in home adaptations and falls prevention, and the report called on other service providers to learn from the good practice.

The report also stresses that local efforts must be given enough funding to provide these important services.

Jo Irving, head of Yorkshire Housing’s home improvement agency, said: “We’ve been adapting people’s homes for years and these are sometimes life-changing alterations to ensure that people are able to stay in their homes for longer, whether this means hand rails or garage conversions.

“This service can make all the difference to the lives of some of our customers and can enable them to come home from hospital or to remain with their families, which is vital for a good quality of life. I’m proud to be working with teams such as ours and we will continue to learn and to deliver an excellent service through our adaptations and home improvement agencies.”



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