Right to Build Expo offers custom insights to self-build housing

AN event offering information and guidance for those committed ‘DIYers’ who fancy building their own home will be taking place in Warrington tomorrow.

The Right to Build Expo Cheshire reflects the growing interest in custom, self-build, and community-led housing. Taking place on 1 November, the organisers claim the day will offer advice that will support a range of organisations including local authorities, landowners and community-led groups as they work to bring more sites to market.

The Expo is being deliver by a partnership of the National Custom and Self Build Association (NaCSBA), the Right to Build Task Force, and Wood for Good. The events are said to support local authorities and a range of other stakeholders to create more opportunities for custom and self-build homes, supporting people as they pursue their dream of an owner-commissioned home.

Warrington Borough Council and Warrington & Co are hosting the event, where it will be sharing its vision for unlocking more owner-commissioned homes in the area, with examples of best practice and learnings from the council’s approach.

“We are delighted that Warrington is working to deliver serviced plots, as NaCSBA’s surveys indicate significant demand for custom and self-build in the area, from affordable homes to one off ‘Grand Designs’,” said Michael Holmes, NaCSBA’s chair.

Andy Farral executive director at Warrington Council said: “We are thrilled that NaCsBA have chosen The Base at Warrington to host this event for the Cheshire region. The range of custom build developments from large developer led schemes to one off self builds provide additional housing options for people which we embrace as part of our Housing Growth and Investment Programme .”

The day will also be sharing the reasons to share custom and self build housing, from keynote speaker Richard Bacon MP, Task Force Ambassador and Chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Self-Build, Custom and Community Housebuilding and Place-Making.



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