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settle partners with dxw to create and launch improved user-centred website

dxw has supported settle by working hand-in-hand with residents to gain a deeper understanding of their user experience (UX).
close up of phone on new settle site

The new user-centred and mobile optimised design makes it easier for social housing residents to access information and key services
settle, a provider of social housing across Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire and South Cambridgeshire has partnered with dxw to redesign and launch its new website. 

As part of its commitment to customer service, settle has enhanced its website to meet the needs of residents and its increasing number of mobile users. dxw has supported settle by working hand-in-hand with residents to gain a deeper understanding of their user experience (UX), and design a website that is mobile optimised, offers improved accessibility, and an easier way to find information and request services. 

“While our previous website met many of the key accessibility criteria, we wanted to make it even better. We serve people with a wide range of needs and our services need to be easy to understand and access for everyone. It was important for us to involve residents in the redesign process and gather input from people that would be using the website on a day-to-day basis – so that it could be designed in a way that works best for them and improves their quality of life.” 

Randall Shortland, digital experience manager at settle

From a design standpoint, the new website is optimised to cater for users who access the site from a mobile device. It also features a higher colour contrast ratio to ensure content is accessible to everyone and additional imagery and graphics to streamline navigation of the site. 

settle have partnered with dxw throughout the project, from discovery to the redesign and go-live, with dxw also now hosting the website. The new website went live last month and will help the social housing provider drive towards its purpose of helping customers to stay in their homes comfortably, so that they can live the life they choose.  

“User experience needs to be a priority for the housing sector. When information and websites are inaccessible it leads to inequality in the way residents access services. Truly understanding the needs of customers and having a solid UX approach not only has the potential to increase tenant engagement, but also improve customer service and simplify processes. 

Through our partnership with dxw, we’ve been able to benefit from their specialist expertise and experience. The team has guided us through the redesign in a way that’s been very evidence-based, agile and focused on the needs of our users. The result is a website that offers greater usability and accessibility for our residents.” 

Randall Shortland, digital experience manager at settle

“The best way to see any service is through the eyes of the people that use it. By understanding the wants and needs of settle’s residents we were able to redesign the website and put in place the foundation for user-centric, accessible, digital services that enable meaningful dialogue and improve the online experience for tenants.” 

Farrah Farhoudi, Operations Lead at dxw

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