Shared ownership home fulfils two dreams in one for Yorkshire movers

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A family from Suffolk have fulfilled a dream to live in God’s own county after part-buying a shared ownership home in West Yorkshire.

Sarah Harper, 37, a pharmacy technician, and Jed Harper, 35 who is setting up his own digital business, have moved into Moorland View in Meltham with their two sons, aged seven and nine.

The first-time buyers have taken a mortgage on 25% of the property, which is part of a shared ownership scheme from Together Homes, part of Together Housing Group. The couple will pay rent on the remaining 75% of the property, until they are able to buy further shares of the house, all the way to outright ownership.

“We were trying to save while we were renting but Jed was a student, so it was tough on a single wage. Now he is self-employed so we’d struggle securing a mortgage to buy outright. On the open market it is all or nothing but with shared ownership we can buy at our own pace,” Sarah Harper said.

“We wanted to own our own place for the security, especially moving to a new part of the country. When you’re renting, you could be kicked out at any time and if you can’t get somewhere else in the same village, it’s a lot of upheaval for the kids.

“We’ve been coming to Yorkshire on holiday for years and the dream was always to move here when we retired. Sadly, we’ve lost a couple of friends recently and it’s made us realise that life is too short, so we decided to take the plunge now.”

The family were previously living in an old RAF base in Rendlesham, near Woodbridge. “It was in the middle of nowhere and had no facilities so you had to get in the car even just to go to the shop,” Mrs Harper added. “Here we can be walking in the hills within five minutes. It is ideal, a complete change of life.”

Since upgrading from a two-bedroom to a three-bedroom house, the couple are also actually paying less for their home.

“We are a couple of hundred pound better off a month now despite being in a house that is not only larger but also a better standard than the house we have moved from. We also expect the bills to be less as it’s a new property so is much better insulated,” she said.


Main Image: Sarah and Jed Harper outside their new home at Moorland View


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