Talentview Construction scheme launches today

Talentview Construction makes it easier for those searching for a career in construction and the built environment to join the sector
Talentview Construction 2021

In the wake of official statistics showing job vacancies hitting the highest levels since records began, a new survey of young adults looking for work in the UK reveals that just 14% are very confident of finding suitable career opportunities this year and 46% believe that it is harder now to find such opportunities compared to before the pandemic.

The research suggests a generation of young people who might not get to see the best career options available to them – a problem that the UK’s fast-growing construction industry in communities across the UK is determined to tackle. Launching today (September 21, 2021), Talentview Construction (TVC) is an early careers initiative supported by government, the Construction Leadership Council, universities, colleges and construction industry employers, and funded by the industry CITB levy.

Entirely free for all to use, Talentview Construction makes it easier for those searching for a career in construction and the built environment to join the sector and take advantage of an exciting array of opportunities, reflecting the importance of construction to the UK’s economic recovery. Construction is a very varied sector, employing about three million people and providing multiple career paths. Even without the growth of ‘green jobs’, it is estimated that the construction industry needs to recruit more than 217,000 new workers between now and 2025 to support its current activity, including the development of exciting new careers in digitalisation and sustainability. This demand is only likely to accelerate, as an estimated 500,000 UK-born workers are likely to leave the sector in the next 10 years as they come to retirement age.

Despite these trends, careers advice to young adults is falling far behind industry needs. Just 16% of respondents to the survey said they had received any information about the wide variety of careers in construction and the built environment when they were at school or college.

Sarah Beale, co-chair of the Construction Leadership Council’s skills workstream and outgoing chief executive of the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB), says: “For anyone not sure of where to go in their career or for anyone who already knows they want to help shape the built environment of tomorrow, construction will welcome you with open arms. It’s an industry like no other, with a wide range of opportunities now available in one place – Talentview Construction. This is the place to come to find a route into construction, first jobs and experiences on offer, including apprenticeships and roles to suit everyone – from outdoorsy, practical work-with-your-hands types to technically minded digital experts, environmentally focused designers and engineering enthusiasts as well as people leaders. We need you all.”

Mark Reynolds, Group CEO of Mace Group and the Construction Leadership Council’s lead on skills, says: “More than ever, the industry needs a strong pipeline of talent. Talentview Construction is a window on the industry for all those wishing to enter construction as new entrants and career changers. We must make it easier for people to join our sector to support growth and to improve our levels of diversity – but to do so everyone needs to do more to recruit openly and make flexible opportunities accessible through schemes like this.

“This is exactly what so many businesses have been crying out for, helping them tackle skills shortages and gear up for future growth. Initiatives such as Talentview Construction – part of the Construction Talent Retention Scheme – have the potential to dramatically improve our industry, but we all need to get behind it if it is to be a success.”

Talentview Construction helps candidates to browse opportunities by signing up to alerts for job and training opportunities and building their own online profile so employers can find them more easily. Employers can use it to showcase their business to talented new recruits on the TVC site, and upload all their early career vacancies, including traineeships, apprenticeships and graduate jobs. They can also search for suitable candidates and directly contact students and apprentices, as well as connecting more closely with schools, universities and construction colleges.

Talentview Construction is the newest offering from the Construction Talent Retention Scheme (CTRS) which was established by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) and the Construction Leadership Council last summer. Together with complementary sites like CITB’s Go Construct, TVC and CTRS help to create a ‘one stop shop’ sector talent hub for the attraction, development and retention of people and skills within construction and the built environment, as part of the Government’s broader support to business on skills.



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