Tech company agrees contract extension with women’s centre in Hull

The multi-year agreement will see Winner, the Preston Road Women's Centre, continue to use Alertacall's Housing Proactive service.
Winner, the Preston Road Women's Centre in Hull.

The housing tech company Alertacall has secured a multi-year contract extension with a women’s centre in Hull.

The agreement with Winner, the Preston Road Women’s Centre, will see Winner continue to use Alertacall’s Housing Proactive service.

The agreement has also seen Alertcall expand its service, deploying environmental sensors and portable touchscreens at hundreds of properties across the city.

Benjamin Lambert, head of client relations at Alertacall, commented: “It has been fantastic to work with the team at Winner over the past five years and help to ensure that women who have experienced violence and abuse at home have access to safe and quality accommodation in Hull.

“The deployment of the touchscreen and environmental sensors into properties will provide a more effective two way conversation with tenants going forward and help detect maintenance issues. Importantly, in a way which is non-intrusive and tailored to the individual’s needs.

“Many of our systems have been developed working alongside Winner’s forward thinking team and we look to continue our partnership for years to come.”

Housing Proactive is a specialist housing management system designed to increase contact with tenants to help landlords sustain tenancies and manage their properties.

The service was first installed in 2016 for Winner, which provides information, support and advice to women in Hull including ensuring safe and affordable housing through its Umbrella Housing Service.

The Umbrella Housing Service make 195 homes in different areas of Hull available for women and children who are in housing need.

As part of Alertacall’s Housing Proactive service, tenants are given equipment to routinely engage with to collect updates regarding their property or tenancy. If tenants don’t engage with their device, they’re called by an Alertacall staff member who has been especially trained to address the needs of women fleeing domestic violence.

Over the past five years, Housing Proactive has given tenants greater flexibility in how they engage with Winner, improving repairs performance and reducing the turnaround time of void properties.

With many of Winners’ tenants not having access to landlines or mobile phones, the contract extension has seen Winner upgrade to Alertacall’s portable touchscreen devices so tenants can stay in contact with Winner more easily.

All of Winners’ properties have also been fitted with Envosense environmental sensors, which help detect potential maintenance issues such as damp, poor ventilation and heating failures.

Winner says that tenant feedback of the service has so far been extremely positive, while it is also allowing the centre to promote greater independence among its customers.

Alison Ashton, domestic abuse and housing service manager at Winner, commented: “Housing Proactive now forms a key part of how we operate our housing service. Critically, the service enables us to communicate with tenants who otherwise we may struggle to contact. The new touchscreen and environmental sensor are very exciting additions to the service and will further help us to report on a range of housing related issues and improve the quality of the accommodation provided.

“The deployment of the devices in March went very smoothly and there is no need for our team to make ongoing manual checks or deal with any maintenance issues, which is fantastic. The fact that we can monitor the occupancy status of our properties ensures we are able to quickly identify any vacant properties so we are able to help more of the women on our expanding waiting list.”

“We categorise the tenants level of risk with a traffic light system. Since Housing Proactive was introduced, we have also seen a correlation in the increase of the number of individuals able to progress to lower risk levels more quickly and gain greater independence.”

For more information on Alertacall’s Housing Proactive service, you can visit

Image: Winner, the Preston Road Women’s Centre in Hull. Credit: Preston Road Women’s Centre.

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