Thirteen starts work on ‘innovative’ modular homes in Hartlepool

A picture of two men on a construction site in Hartlepool.

The North East’s largest social landlord Thirteen has started work on an innovative modular housing scheme in Hartlepool.

The development, at Newholm Court, will feature 31 modular homes which are being built in a factory, delivered and then assembled on site.

The development started on site this month and is being delivered by Thirteen in partnership with the energy company ENGIE and the modular homes manufacturer ilke Homes.

Sharon Thomas, Thirteen’s director of strategic partnerships, said: “At Thirteen we are committed to providing high-quality homes for our customers to live in. The fantastic scheme at Newholm Court has brought additional investment and jobs to Hartlepool and will provide the town with much-needed homes.

“The modular houses will make an important contribution to meeting the housing needs within the borough and will help showcase the quality of factory-built homes to both prospective residents and members of the public.”

Modular homes are seen as a potential solution to the housing crisis, as proponents say they are more environmentally friendly and quicker to build than homes built using traditional methods.

The homes at Newholm Court, which will all be made available for affordable rent, are currently being manufactured by ilke Homes in their Knaresborough, Yorkshire factory.

Once the homes have been completed, they will then be transported to Hartlepool where they will be assembled on site.

The 31 modular homes, a mix of two-bedroom and three-bedroom properties, are expected to be available for tenants from March 2021.

Louise Buckton, new build director at ENGIE, said: “We’re incredibly excited to get started on site, partnering with Thirteen Group and ilke Homes to deliver this innovative modular home project.

“These new homes will be a fantastic addition to Hartlepool, and as the project progresses, we look forward to working closely with our partners to provide new opportunities for local families and to support the regeneration of the area.”

Matthew Bench, executive director of partnerships at ilke Homes, added: “We are delighted to be working in partnership with Thirteen and ENGIE to deliver much needed affordable housing to Hartlepool. Modular manufacturing represents the perfect solution for forward-thinking housing associations.”

Thirteen manages 34,000 properties in an area spanning North Tyneside to York, with the majority of its homes for rent and sale in Teesside.

Thirteen recently appointed a new executive director of customer services, David Ripley, and a new chief financial officer, Jane Castor. Castor will take up the role starting this October.

Image: Neil Hurst, clerk of works from Thirteen and Simon Roberts of Engie. Credit: Thirteen

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