Two new eco-homes for Stockton-on-Tees

A former housing office has been transformed into two unique eco-friendly homes in Stockton-on-Tees, with the latest green technology.
Innovation Stockton

Working in partnership with Vision Building Services, Thirteen has reconfigured the spacious building to be able to test out new and innovative systems, to see how homes could be made greener and smarter in the future.

Located on Whessoe Road, the fully refurbished homes, have a modern fitted kitchen and bathroom, two double bedrooms, a utility room, private parking and gardens.

The contemporary, energy efficient homes have both cavity and external wall insulation and low energy lighting, with a range of technology, unlike any other home available, including:

· Infra-red heating panels installed on the ceilings, to remove the need for gas, providing a cost effective and environmentally friendly way to heat the home. With up to 50% less energy required than gas or oil fired boilers, zonal controls and zero servicing and maintenance requirements, the panels offer a great space saving solution, while creating a healthy and comfortable environment.

· Solar PV panels linked to a thermal store providing a simple electric hot water solution with little to no maintenance requirements.

· A mechanical ventilation heat recovery system (MVHR), which provides fresh filtered air, while retaining most of the energy which has already been used in heating the home, keeping it at a comfortable temperature.

Thirteen’s asset technical project lead Helen Rooney said: “This has been a great opportunity to bring new life into what was previously an empty building. We’ve looked at the fabric of the building, low carbon building services and we’ve integrated renewable technology. “Soon we’ll be welcoming new customers, who we know will take pride in these homes. They’ll work with us to provide feedback, and data from the homes will be picked up remotely, so we can measure the effectiveness of the technology we’re using. “We’re delighted to be offering NHS workers priority to these unique homes, given the proximity to the local hospital. “This full house retrofit project will give us essential insight into how we ensure Thirteen’s properties move towards our goal of being carbon neutral in the future.”

Vision Building Services project manager Dave Pearson added: “After completing a similar retrofit project for Thirteen last year in Middlesbrough, we were keen to get involved in this unique project. The determination and commitment to Thirteen was always at our forefront. There is nothing but admiration for all who have been involved to deliver this project.”

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