Ultrotherm internal insulation system reduces heat loss with minimal disruption

With continuously increasing energy costs, pressure on housing departments to provide energy efficient accommodation is becoming more and more prevalent.  Heat loss is one area where savings can be made easily with minimal disruption.

Everyday uninsulated walls allow heat to escape into the atmosphere, driving tenants and home owners to turn up the heat. Ultrotherm can quickly solve this problem, bringing many additional benefits.

Ultrotherm is an internal insulation system for solid walls. Unlike traditional methods, walls can be insulated without costly time-consuming alterations.  At only 12 mm thick, Ultrotherm negates the need to remove or reposition skirting boards, windows, covings and radiators – it works around existing fixtures and can be applied to even the most awkwardly shaped surfaces.

Residents will notice immediate benefits. Unwelcoming cold rooms are transformed into comfortable, warm, spaces creating a heathier environment and reducing the risk of unsightly mould, which also means a reduction in decorating and maintenance costs.

Reduces heat loss by 40%

Insulating solid walls increases their thermal resistance. Ultrotherm typically reduces heat loss through 9″ solid brick walls by 40%. This reduction in wasted energy eradicates the need for over-heating which in turn decreases energy bills.

Ultrotherm’s carbon saving potential is a must for housing schemes. Savings are achieved through the reduced use of gas and electric heating, see examples below.

Carbon emission savings in typical properties – all calculations provided by The University of Nottingham Environmental Technology Centre

Carbon emissions obtained from DECC’s GHG Conversion Factors for company reporting. Factors for 2012. Figures based on 9” solid brick walls.

Emission savings

(Kg CO2e p.a)

Property typeBedroomsGasElectricity
End of terrace house26261806
Semi-detached house35301530
Detached house419035493


Quick and convenient to install

Ultrotherm meets Building Regulations for use where it is not functionally or technically possible to install thicker insulation systems. Supplied in convenient flexible tiles, it is quicker and easier to install than typical insulation, reducing both contractor and installation costs.

For safety and peace of mind, Ultrotherm has undertaken stringent fire testing at the Building Research Establishment and awarded a “Class 0” fire rating.

“I was surprised by just how effective Ultrotherm’s mats are” Roger Bisby, Professional Builder Magazine.

Contractors, homeowners and housing associations alike are pleasantly surprised at the results that can be achieved with our patented 12mm tiles. Furthermore, Ultrotherm has been independently tested by bre, The University of Nottingham and The University of Salford.

As testament to our success we are pleased to have worked with several social housing programs including Wolverhampton City Homes.

How does Ultrotherm work?

Ultrotherm tiles are installed over existing plaster – no extensive work required! This retains the character, floor space and layout of the original room design. To increase durability and impact resistance, Ultrotherm can be plastered using various base coat plasters or simply skim coated to minimise loss of space. Once plastered, you will be left with a smooth wall surface for decoration.

Innovative, insulated trim beads can be used against door and window frames to reduce the problem of cold bridging. Specially designed reveal tiles are also available for minimal impact on doors and window openings.


For further information on Ultrotherm or to find out where to buy visit: www.ultrotherm.com