When traditional fire sprinklers are not practical: Free Webinar

As the developer of a formidable line of water mist fire suppression products, Plumis Ltd has become a leader in innovation for the fire safety sector. Now they are announcing a fully upgraded version of their award-winning algorithm with the latest in fire safety innovations.

Plumis Ltd has tackled the limitations of installing traditional sprinklers in existing properties by developing a line of water mist fire suppression systems. This watermist, known as Automist, achieves the industry’s lowest water consumption—a fraction of the supply of Plumis competitors. Plumis’ latest product, Automist Smartscan Hydra, clocks in at under 6 litres per minute, or a tenth of the water as traditional sprinklers. Its tank-free low water usage, combined with wall-mounted electronic spray heads and fewer heads per room, radically simplifies its installation, whilst still delivering the same fire performance as its predecessors.

In high rise buildings, the typical fire suppression system is the traditional sprinkler, where each ceiling-mounted nozzle can spray around 60 litres per minute, in the form of large droplets. These systems are designed to allow for several nozzles activating during a fire. In retrofit projects, however, the challenges of upgrading the water supply, providing pumps and tanks, and installing several nozzles in each ceiling, can bring significant cost and complexity beyond the unsightly pipes and occupant fear of water damage.

Automist Smartscan Hydra was created in response to the growing need for the Automist system to be more cost effective in large areas such as multi-storey homes.

Automist has already established itself as a viable solution for retrofit of multiple dwelling properties. At Surrey Towers, in Addlestone, heightened concerns over fires and a consultation with Surrey Fire and Rescue led to the extensive use of Automist in their flats. Installation took place to coordinate with major internal works and re-lettings, thereby minimizing disruption to tenants and satisfying budget restrictions. It has now been installed in over 60 of the 90 flats since 2005.

Plumis hopes that most people will never need to see Automist Smartscan Hydra in action, but remain confident that in the face of a fire, families are safe, protected, and property damage is kept to the barest minimum.

To learn more click the link to sign up to a free webinar, or visit the plumis website – www.plumis.co.uk


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