Work and play makes Middlesbrough estate a nicer place to be

LOCAL people and their landlord spent last week getting to know each other better by working together to spruce up their Middlesbrough estate.

Resident volunteers from across the Hemlington estate were taking part in a week of action, organized by housing provider Thirteen in partnership with Cleveland Police and Middlesbrough Council.

The purpose was to make improvements to the estate, and in the process offer tenants the opportunity to put any queries to staff they might have about their home or tenancy.

Among the work carried out, the volunteers removed grafitti, picked up litter, and helped make improvements to communal grounds.

Hard work it might have been, but there was an element of play involved too. A fun day at Dodford Community Centre gave everyone the chance to celebrate what was achieved during the week.

Dozens of families came along to enjoy face painting, a climbing wall, football, dog chipping, hot dogs, smoothie making, police dogs and much more.

“Throughout the week, the partners worked together to improve the estate and make sure that communal spaces and residents’ gardens were clean, tidy and safe,” said Lee Elkin, Thirteen’s neighbourhoods services manager.

“It was really great to see so many people getting involved in helping to make sure that Hemlington is as attractive and welcoming as possible, while having a little bit of fun at the same time.”

Thirteen has around 1,000 properties in the Hemlington area and staff from the company called on tenants to give them help and advice about their homes and gardens, while offering support on issues including money advice and tenancy management.

Elkin added: “We work closely with tenants and customers on the estate and it’s important that we keep in touch with them to help manage their homes and maintain the area as a good place to live. The week of action was a good way to bring lots of people in the neighbourhood together, and the fun day was a little thank you for everyone that worked so hard to improve the area throughout the week.”


Image: Hemlington residents, with staff from Thirteen, local police, and the council. Courtesy of Thirteen



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