Your Housing Group partners with plastic reduction nonprofit

Your Housing Group has teamed up with the plastic reduction nonprofit Changing Streams in a pledge to reduce its plastic usage.
Brian Cronin, group CEO of Your Housing Group. Credit: Your Housing Group.

One of the UK’s largest housing providers Your Housing Group has teamed up with the plastic reduction nonprofit Changing Streams in a pledge to reduce its plastic usage.

The social landlord, which owns over 28,000 homes across the North West, Yorkshire, and the Midlands, has partnered with the not-for-profit organisation, which aims to eliminate the use of plastic in industry.

The partnership will see Changing Streams reviewing the housing provider’s processes through a series of workshops and working with the company to develop a long-term strategy to reduce plastic consumption across its portfolio.

Brian Cronin, chief executive of Your Housing Group, said: “Your Housing Group is committed to working effectively and efficiently to build quality houses and play our part in solving the national housing crisis, but we want to do so in a sustainable way.

“The work that Changing Streams does is inspiring and firmly aligns with our core values of passion, pride, creativity, and accountability.

“With the support of Changing Streams Your Housing Group will take steps to significantly reduce our use of plastic so that we can help drive positive change within our sector and build houses that not only create communities but help protect the future.”

Changing Streams was launched in 2018 by construction entrepreneur Neal Maxwell alongside Dr Gareth Abrahams and Professor Jonathan Sharples from The University of Liverpool.

The not-for-profit organisation aims to greatly reduce the use of plastic in the construction sector on a global scale.

Measures Your Housing Group will take to reduce its plastic usage will include changing fixtures and fittings, reducing the use of plastic wrapping for building materials, such as bricks and cladding, as well as more complex long-term phase out strategies.

The housing provider has also pledged to embed the Changing Streams Charter across its nationwide programme of new housing developments.

All new contractors will be obliged to adhere to Your Housing Group’s plastic reduction pledge before being appointed.

This aims to ensure the cascading of positive changes throughout the supply chain, motivating contractors, suppliers, and manufacturers and driving change throughout the construction industry.

Neal Maxwell, founder of Changing Streams, said: “We are delighted Your Housing Group has recognised our initiative as a way they can reduce their plastic footprint.

“As members we can provide them with long-term support, research and consultation, as well as full access to accredited training and technical webinars run by our specialists, to help them deliver on their ambition to become the country’s most sustainable housing provider.

“There is a whole raft of work we will be doing in partnership with Your Housing Group and we are very excited to get started and work alongside the team, as part of the company’s wider sustainability strategy.”

Dr Gareth Abrahams, co-founder and architect from the University of Liverpool’s School of Environmental Science, added: “We have exciting research and development plans in the pipeline, from the creation of an accreditation system based on commitments and actions used to remove plastic from design and construction processes, to research strategies used to explore and develop sustainable plastic free-and plastic reduced materials.

“We need more progressive businesses like Your Housing Group to join us and help engage, support and fund the research and innovation to ensure we can accomplish real change.”

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